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The holiday season has already arrived. Are you still waiting for something to reignite your self-grooming spark? Now that you are free from your hectic work life and won’t have to worry about fulfilling the client’s requirements, consider giving your body a pleasant pampering session. While you work day and night throughout the year, finally, December and January are the best time of the year to give yourself a relaxing session. 

If we talk about grooming for your hair and skin, you can always go for a royal shave in New York. Gift yourself a royal shave and a mini facial to enjoy a rejuvenating experience. Continue reading to find an insightful checklist for pampering yourself this holiday season.

Enjoy A Peaceful Pampering Session With Our Top Services

While you may be fallen out of exciting ways to offer yourself a makeover and care for your face and body, we have got the ideal pampering services for you to enjoy this holiday season. Let’s read about our various services that can assist in offering you a relaxing and hassle-free grooming session.

  1. Traditional Shave

With the modern shaving methods available today, some men are still used to investing in the traditional shave service and offering their beard an ideal grooming session. Traditional shaving is known as the best way to create a smooth look. It provides the best results and a luxurious experience every time you shave. Moreover, it gives your face much-needed rejuvenation and helps you feel fresher and more energized. Especially for those who have an appropriate shaving routine can experience luxury with a traditional shaving experience.

  1. Bear Trim w/o Shave

Trimming your beard is the prime way to care for and maintain the health of your facial hair. Moreover, trimming can help you get the best look for Christmas and offer you a relaxing feel. Getting your beard into shape, smoothening its surface, and trimming irregular and lengthy hairs can give you a perfect bear trim without getting an overall shave. Therefore, you need to hire a professional with years of experience as they can give a perfect shape to your beard that adds a five-star to your entire look and help you transition effortlessly into a splendid personality. 

  1. A Royal Shave 

Routine shaving helps your facial skin gets replenished and rejuvenated much faster. Royal shave helps eliminate dead skin cells and boosts the production of regulated melanin and keratin pigments, which provides much younger-looking skin. Moreover, getting a royal shave from a professional will ensure the use of high-quality products that are great for restoring the balance of the pH level of your skin.

  1. Getting Mini Facial 

A mini facial is a skin care treatment that includes exfoliating and cleansing to eliminate dirt, dead skin, and impurities. Royal shaves and mini facials in New York can help your skin to develop fresh and glowing skin and helps you look younger. Moreover, opting for a professional mini-facial service will finally help you enjoy a hassle-free grooming session. 

  1. Neck Clean Up

Getting a beard trim, shave, and mini facial isn’t enough. You need to get your neck cleaned up by professionals. Neck-cleanup after a royal shave will help offer a satisfactory ending to your pampering session. Moreover, after completing your pampering session, you will feel much more confident and can finish those lined-up interviews and events successfully. 

Book Your Pampering Session With Our Experts Today!

Since the hectic year is about to end, it’s time you relax and rejuvenate your body with the best shaving and facial services. If you are looking for hair specialists known for offering a hassle-free bear trim w/o shave in New York, you can reach out to Blades & Cuts. We aim to provide the best trimming and shaving services at an affordable price. Our proficients have years of skilled knowledge in helping you choose a beard style that best suits your facial features. Contact us today to get the finest beard-trimming and shaving experience.