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Since nature offers us such a great amount of inspirational phenomena, examining nature in art can take various forms. There are literally countless ideas on the planet to draw from if you want to create an artwork with the theme of nature as its basis. An artist can perfectly define A Fresh Walk or boating at midnight such that you can imagine yourself in that location and feeling the cold breeze. 

Visual art can make you feel calm, younger, and stable by reducing stress, overcoming pain, and energizing brain cells. Let’s look at some masterpieces that can successfully divert your mind from everyday stress.

Explore The Beauty Of Nature With These Paintings 

An artist can approach the theme of nature in a variety of ways. A piece of art can reveal the complexity and beauty of the natural world and the human connection to nature, such as “Arizona Desert” by Windelev. These Claus Windelev paintings are the perfect example of how nature can draw your attention even in paintings:

  1. Deer And Birds 

There is a symbiotic relationship between deer and birds. The deer even intentionally allows the birds to play around it. The birds are safe from the deer. This painting shows a deer and birds enjoying the golden sunlight, peacefully surrounded by bushes and trees. 

  1. Arizona Desert

The Arizona Desert painting by Claus perfectly mixes and blends colors to get the right hue. The lush green bush in the desert and the cliff’s shadow depict the various shades of life. 

  1. Forest Path

It has been demonstrated that encountering or witnessing a forest setting promotes psychological healing and well-being. The long forest path surrounded by trees ending in the light has many meanings one can predict.

  1. Biking With Poppies 

The pleasant poppy fields force you to focus on them while the windmill and the biker create their loud presence. Biking With Poppies is one of its best creations by Windelev. 

  1. Birch In Morning Light

The tall birch trees with sun rays filtering through the branches are perfect for any wall in your home. Birch, the tree symbolizing the beginning and hope, is perfectly captured in this painting. 

  1. A Fresh Walk 

What is the difference between the morning walk in a metro city’s park and the walk-in small town’s pavement? It is the headphones replaced by the chirping of birds. A Fresh Walk painting defines the peaceful atmosphere and pleasant weather away from city crowds.

  1. Winter Landscape

The painting shows snow as the theme in black and white shades. This winter landscape painting by Claus shows a human settlement surrounded by snow and frozen trees. One can imagine living there and feeling the chills. 

Add Claus Windelev Paintings To Your Collection!

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