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Some men go the extra mile to ensure their grooming game is always on point, while others procrastinate forever. Which one of these are you? Being the latter doesn’t mean that your mug has to suffer. With a bit of change in your routine that is quick and easy to maintain, even the most product-averse men can pick up their pace. However, if you are facing trouble with the same, some genius hacks are probably invented to encourage men to groom themselves regularly. Moreover, you can always opt for experts offering excellent services for a haircut and shave in New York.

Simple Everyday Grooming Hacks For Men To Level Up Their Game

Many professional salons even recommend specific hacks to their customers that you must not have heard of but help you care for your skin regime without much effort. Keep reading to know the most unusual grooming hacks you’ll ever come across.

  1. Use Shaving Brush For Facial

A good quality traditional shaving brush will add an element of fun and performance to your daily regime of mini facials in New York. A shaving brush with a perfect mix of bristles provides excellent exfoliation and gently massages the skin while lifting the hair during shaving preparation.

  1. Pre-Shave Oil For Perfect Shaving Preparation

Soaking the shaving blades in warm water helps the pores expand, reducing redness and irritation. Apart from this, pre-shave oil is a great alternative to flawless shaving at home. These oils are made of a perfect blend of natural oils, which softens the hair and lubricates the skin for a better experience of Haircut & Shave in New York.

  1. Post-shave Balm Can Do Wonders

Most men know about the benefits of pre-shave oil, but chances are low that they have come across the post-shave balm. These are formulated following salon standards to conquer common shaving problems like burns and rashes. It helps to moisturize, rehydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and settled.

  1. Use Conditioner Instead Of Shaving Cream

Ever tried using hair conditioner instead of shaving creams? If not, try this hack for once and observe its stunning impact. Conditioners moisturize your skin and make the skin softer, aiding the razor to glide smoothly over the skin. This hack provides more benefits than any other Haircut & Royal Shave in New York by retaining the skin’s natural oil and preventing razor bumps.

  1. Use Lip Balms To Fix Shaving Cuts

If we stay true to facts, no shaving session is devoid of cuts and rashes. Most men in such situations use a piece of paper or cotton to soak up the blood instead of trying this hack. Lip balms are very effective for shaving cuts as their wax-like texture seals the cut, thereby preventing the after-cut burn or burning sensation.

Opt For An Excellent Shaving Experience With Our Professionals!

If these hacks still feel like a lot of chores, leave the grooming responsibility to our experts. Blades & Cuts is one of a kind barbershop with an aura of professionalism, skill, and perfection. Contact us to experience a haircut and shave of a lifetime. Contact us today to discover more about our hair care and maintenance-related services.