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Compliments of the New Year. Last year witnessed series of trendy haircuts that honestly gave most guys that beauty radiance (an even to the girls that rock them as well). This year promises to offer lots more. Barbers and hairdressers have been very creative, as always. Thanks to them, we have this endless selection of new and classic haircuts that will give you the freshest look.

If you are searching for the right haircut to start your year with, I guarantee you that you are in the right place. Our well-versed list of trendy men’s haircuts will help you find the right cut for you. Regardless of your hair type and hair length, our list got you covered. From the latest trends towards the build-up of the new year, to what you will see this year, here is our pick.

What’s Going To Be The Trendy Haircuts For Men In 2020?

Well, fewer new haircuts are going to be trendy this year as most of the old already known hairstyles will still be in fashion this year. Some of the old-in-vogue haircuts might as well get a feeling of a creative touch to give it a unique appeal. From the short hairstyles down to the medium length haircut styles and, finally, the longer hair haircut styles, you will never be out of place this year — credit to the innovation of barbers and hairdressers.

The crop fade hair cut, also known as the textured crop, has always been top of the trendy men’s haircut styles. This year, it’s no surprise to see it still retaining a much visible spot in the new year list. Unarguably one of the hottest men’s hair trends of the year. It generally looks great on many hair types. You can say it’s the most hair-friendly haircut for men. It also seemingly adapts to any face shape. Beard or no beard, you can still rock this look.

If you have medium length hair, there are likewise fresh haircut styles that you can always have to speak your style. The ever-fresh quiffs or pompadours are great styles. You can also try the Mohawk, which has proven time and time again to be timelessly classy. Are these all? Not even up to a pinch of salt. The list of trendy 2020 haircut styles for men for you include;


Touted to be a more classy protégé of top haircut styles like the pompadours and quiffs, undercut has grown in popularity within the men’s haircut style world. It is also set to gain much fame as most barbers and hairstylist continues to recommend this vibrant haircut.

French Crop

The crop has always been the most versatile haircut for men. Its compatibility with diverse hair types and hair length has made it rank high in most men’s choice haircut style. With versions to complement every hair, the French crop is a classic hairstyle for men,and it has witnessed a tangible resurgence in the past year. It is expected to be more pronounced this year. You might as well style it by pushing the top a little forward.


For medium length hair men, the pompadour haircut is the ideal hairstyle for them. Your barber can add a little side creativity to this haircut to give you a more fashionable look. There are lots of available sparks of creative styling that is achievable with the pompadour haircut. Let your hairdresser grab a pomade and take you on a journey of astonishing fashion.


If you have short hair, you might as well try out the quiff haircut style. Although it is similar to the pompadour, quite unlike the pompadour, quiff shows its form. With a good chunk of hair sticking out at the front of the head, while the rest gets to curve backwards smoothly.

Crew Cut

The crew cut has always been a choice hairstyle for most guys, and there’s no sign that it will turn to fad anytime. This classic haircut also makes room for creativity that begets variety in the same haircut. While most barbers can give you different styles of fade to it, there’s no end to the possibility of unique outlaying of the side fades.

Faux Hawk

Yet again, another style of Mohawk is set to be top of most men’s haircut choice for 2020. If the general Mohawk is cool, faux hawk offers nothing less than a more refreshing appeal. The faux hawk is another exciting haircut style, primarily caved out from the Mohawk, retaining the mohawk’s edgy disposition, but with a more straightforward intensity. Once you get your faux hawk, always keep it in the right shape.


The fringe to some may seem to no longer in vogue, while to others, it’s ever trendy. Well, regardless of the school of thought you fall into, the fringe is back in fashion, and it is still much trending. If you have slightly long hair, this mid-length cut might be the best for your face shape. Add more texture to it, and you will see the transformation first hand.

Hard Part

The hard part is going to be one of the best solutions for most men with plans to do something quite stylish and unique with their medium length hair. With a perfect faux hawk and undercut like touch, a shaved line will be added in lieu of the side part. This gives a very classy and sleek appeal. You certainly have to try this out this year, especially if you have medium length hair.


Over the years, the resurgence of dreads has been so welcomed than ever before. From your favorite pop stars to professional athletes rocking this beauty of a craze-haircut and down to the regular guy on the street. If you have long and thick hair or even medium length hair, you should look towards this classic look. Aside from the unique look, it can give you. Dreadlocks require a surmountable amount of work to maintain.

There are many other haircuts, aside from those mentioned above, that we will see more of this year. For your classy and smart hairstyles, visit the Men’s Barber on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and get that killer look that will wow your senses and leaves you ever attractive.